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Our Aims

1⃣ This association aims to provide daily necessities and education opportunities for schoolchildren in poverty-stricken regions all over the world, improving their life in the long term.


2⃣ This association strives to raise public awareness of the situation and needs of the poor in poverty-stricken regions, encouraging more capable individuals to lend a helping hand to those in need.

3⃣ The founders and members of this association should serve with altruism, placing the interest of others over personal gains and benefits.

4⃣ This association hopes to enrich the organisational and overseas-service-related experience of Hong Kong secondary students. By widening their horizons, this association hopes to foster the all-round growth of students and to nurture future servant leaders.

5⃣ This association embraces individuals of various religious backgrounds and political viewpoints, yet does not participate in any religious or political activities.

Our Story

Do you still recall your childhood? Dreams that you have always wanted to fulfill?

Witnessing children in Cambodia treasure hunting within the pungent atmosphere of mountains of rubbish, then what about them, what could be their dreams?

Children are the future of society. No matter where they are, they should have the right to receive an education and to enjoy their childhood.

Dream Compassioneers wish to accompany children with needs, to safeguard their dreams, and to provide them with the opportunity to secure daily necessities and education opportunities.

A single spark can start a prairie fire.

May we all unite, kindle the spark of light, and safeguard children’s dreams!

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