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Free Tuition Service



To provide free tuition service to underprivileged students across Hong Kong, reducing the unequal opportunities received by students of different family backgrounds

Eligibility of Students
  • Senior form students following the DSE curriculum

  • Students with specific financial needs

Recruitment of Teachers
  • Have completed senior secondary education or above

  • Teaching subject(s) is/are required to achieve level 5 or above in HKDSE (or other equivalent)

  • Willing to committee to our three months time slot, sparing one hour a week tutoring

Acknowledgement- Volunteer Teacher

Mr. Cheung Pak Chuen  

Mr. Liu Man Kit Timmy

Ms. Lam Vinci 

Mr. Ng Siu Po

Ms. Chong Yuen Ting

Mr. Chow Wang Chung

Ms. Chow Wai Lam

Mr. Lau Ho

Mr. She Chun Hing

Ms. Cheung Wing Yi

Mr. Chan Man Hei

Mr. Chim Pui Yuen

Ms. Yuen Wing Yan

Ms. Leung Yuet Sze

Mr. Luk Zheng Rui

Ms. Leung Sum Ying

Ms. Wong Wai Yan  

Ms. Shum Hang Ying

Ms. Chan Hiu Wang

Ms. Li Lee Tung

Ms. Leung Wing Lam

Mr. Luk Wing Yeuk   

Ms. Hung Mei Yan  

Mr. Lau Lok Hei

Mr. Chan Kung Ming

Ms. Ng Yuen Na

Mr. Ho Cheuk Fai 

Ms. Ho Pui Ling

Mr. Shum Ming Fung 

Ms. Lee Tung

Mr. Lui Cho Hei

Mr. Wan Long Chun

Ms. Ng Yuen Huen

Ms. Leung Hoi Ting

Mr. Chow Wang Chung

Mr. Ho Cheuk Fai

Ms. Chow Wai Lam   

Ms. Leung Yuet Sze

Mr. Lau Yik Long 

Ms. Leung Wing Lam

Ms. Tse Po Yi 

Ms. Cheng Yung Yung  

Ms. Vicki Lam

Mr. Fan Chun Lun

Ms. Wong Lai Kau 

Ms. Tse Hin Ting

Mr. Shek Tsz Lok 

Ms. Yeung Kit Lai Prudence

( Due to limited space, the teacher list is not exclusive)

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Contact / WhatsApp:+852 6828 9692 (Executive Committee, Cecilia Wong)

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