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Servicing Scheme for the hearing-impaired students

All About The Scheme

We are elated to collaborate with the Hong Kong Society for the Deaf to provide voluntary tutoring services to hearing-impaired students. Every Saturday, we have allocated some of our members to be with the hearing-impaired students during their lesson time in the Holy Trinity Bradbury Centre, and to tutor them on homework and crafts. We hope our volunteers can help students to learn under a relaxed atmosphere.

Service Review

Passion to Dream, Dream to inspire

I am Wong Lo Man. Ever since joining HKSOD, my view on the deaf and deaf children has been reshaped. We may unintentionally believe the deaf are introverted due to their own difficulties, and we may also be prejudiced into these ideas, yet after a period with these children, we will discover that a majority of these children are also active, talkative, and answers questions enthusiastically, which is completely the opposite from the perceived idea of them. The motivation to go to Bradbury Center weekly comes from the wish to be with the adorable children and to learn with them, and this solidified my heart to help them further. I hope more people can participate in these activities in the future, and to care more about the rights and welfare of the deaf.

I am Allison Chu, a subsidiary committee member of  Dream Compassioneers. It has always been an honour for me to serve in this team and participate in different activities. Previously, I had the chance to go to the Hong Kong Society for the Deaf, Bradbury Special Child Care Centre to teach primary 5 to 6 kids. I am very grateful to be a part of this activity and I have learnt a lot after participating in it. I found out that children with special needs are actually just the same as normal and some of them may even be talented in different aspects.

And just because of their born disadvantage, it makes it difficult for them to explore their true potential. However, with the help of Dream Compassioneers, we are doing our best to support them when they face difficulties so that they can catch up with other students and eventually grow and glow. I am and thankful that I can help the future leaders of this community to arm themselves and contribute to the future world one day.

I am Keith Chun, the service director of the Dream Compassioneers. Recently, I have had the chance to participate in the volunteer work at the Hong Kong Society for the Deaf Bradbury Special Child Care Centre. Every Saturday, we teach primary 5 to 6 kids in the afternoon and help with their homework. During break time, I love to chat with them regarding their studies and hobbies. I found out that these children with special needs possess an optimistic attitude encountering adversities in their daily life. Also, they are simply the same as each and every single one of us and their potentials are not confined by their inborn disability. When they were attending the lessons or chatting with their friends, I could definitely see the smiling faces of these ingenuous children. They made me realize that we should not groan about our misfortunes. Instead, they make us different from others and we ought to embrace what we possess and cherish them.
It is my belief that it is more blessed to give than to receive. We should not merely care for ourselves. In fact, we have to spare a thought for others especially those underprivileged in our society. These children are our future pillars who are going to excel in all industries to help build our city and we must put more emphasis on educating them and showing our love and care to them.

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