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-Supplies Donation Project

We hope to equip the under-resourced students by the donated supplies, and so to achieve their dreams. Every little makes a mickle.


Dream Compassioneers will be launching ‘Grant A Wish’, our flagship supplies donation project after schools return to face-to-face teaching. We hope to equip under-resourced students with necessities such as clothes, stationery items and masks. After processing, we will donate them to various orphanages and centres, e.g. New Future For Children and Cambodia Care Centre, hoping to extend our reach to other centres in need. We hope our collective efforts can help underprivileged children achieve their dreams. Details will be announced in mid- April on our social media, and we look forward to your support!

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Grant A Wish (1).png


-- help the under-resourced children by collecting supplies, stationeries and garments to name a few, followed by sending these supplies to under-privileged students in Hong Kong and overseas. 

​- encourage the public to donate their unneeded daily necessities to the needed children around the world

The requirements of the supplies collected


The project would  like to collect second-handed or brand new stationery, excluding the followings:     

  • Damaged stationery

  • Pens with spilled ink

  • Notebooks

  • Folders



The project would  like to collect second-handed or brand

new summer men’s or women’s wear, excluding the followings:

  • Undergarments

  • Winter clothing

  • Used socks


*Participated schools are recommended to process the collected items in order to facilitate the donation

Should you have any inquiries, please send an email to look forward to seeing your active participation!

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