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Issue 2: More than 10,000 children die from hunger and malnutrition each day.

Food For Life Global 數據顯示,約三百一十萬位五歲或以下的非洲兒童於2019年因營養不良或飢餓而死亡;且據美國政府農業部數據顯示,全球每年生產的食物中有1/3(約13億噸)被丟失或受到浪費。這些食物足以應付目前全世界8.21億的飢餓人口。情況令人憂心,希望大眾及時伸出援手,盡快解決第三世界糧食危機。

According to statistics concerning child hunger, there are around 3.1 million African children aged five and below, that have ceased to live due to hunger and malnutrition. It is estimated that approximately half of the child deaths are due to starvation. (FFLORG, 2019) However as assessed globally, 1/3 of the food produced each year— approximately 1.3 billion tons —gets lost or wasted. These amounts of food are more than enough to take care of the 821 million people who are currently suffering from hunger worldwide. (Feed the Children)

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